About Us

Welcome to our store!

We are Holyland Crafted Art, a store where you can find outstanding handmade products with a religious meaning. We’ve been passionate about art our entire lives, and it became natural to us to create unique, incredible art pieces using a variety of materials. We had a pottery production business in the Philippines and Australia, and now we migrated to Israel where our focus is to create one of a kind, unique and visually impressive sculptures.

With Holyland Crafted Art we want to share our unique art pieces that have a deep religious meaning. All of these products found on our website are handmade in the holy land, and we use a variety of materials like wood, stainless steel, silver and many others. In doing so, we really get to push the limits and bring in something unique and interesting every time.

We are constantly adding new products to the store, handcrafted not only by us, but many other artists from the holy land. It’s very important for us to share products suitable for all religions, which are unique and have a deep meaning. At the same time, we also create a unique range of gift collections, and we offer free shipping as well.

Our vision

The main focus for Holyland Crafted Art is to bring in a unique, rewarding and engaging experience every time. We always want to push the boundaries and create the best handcrafted products you can acquire directly from the holy hand.

Our mission

We want to make it very simple for everyone to decorate their home with some great handcrafted art. Our art has great religious meaning and it’s also coming directly from the holy land, not to mention it’s suitable for all religions.

Our values

We are always committed to delivering the best handcrafted products. At the same time, we are focused on professionalism and bring you the best product quality, while also offering fast, free shipping and other great perks.